Led by the engagement coordinator, Thomas Scheu, engagement committee is responsible for planning events both for ESC members and other engineering students. These events include hikes, game nights, speakers, and other fun events. If you enjoy planning events or have creative ideas, contact Thomas at engagementco.akronesc@gmail.com


Engagement's Pumpkin Patch Event!



Led by the financial coordinator, Rosie Sterling, finance committee is responsible for putting on two events per semester to support ESC financially. The finance committee in 2021-22 plans to host a pop-up shop to sell merch as well as host a drive-in movie night. If you have other great ideas and would like to help make these plans into reality, contact Rosie at financial.akronesc@gmail.com

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Finance Committee's Tie Dye Event!



Led by the E-Week coordinator, Natalie Brooks, E-Week committee is responsible for coming up with an event to hold every day for engineers week in February 2022. This team offers growth in skills such as time management, budgeting, teamwork, creativity, and more! The events are not just for engineering students either, the whole campus takes part in E-Week. If you're interested, contact Natalie at eweek.akronesc@gmail.com

E week.PNG

E-Week's "Paint the Rock" Event!



Led by the communications coordinator, Aaron Hoffman, communications committee is responsible for writing the CEPS student newsletter, managing this website, and establishing communications with all the design teams on campus. There is always something to do on communications committee and if you're a part of another organization this committee bridges the gap between the student orgs on campus. If you're interested in any of these contact Aaron at communciation.akronesc@gmail.com



Led by marketing coordinator, Charlotte Hyland, marketing committee is responsible for creating flyers for events hosted by other committees, creating content for our social media accounts, and promoting other engineering organizations in the college of engineering. Marketing creates ESC's brand image and constantly grows the organization's presence both on campus and online. If you're interested in being creative and building ESC, contact Charlotte at marketing.akronesc@gmail.com



Led by recruitment coordinator, Sarah Pratt, the recruitment committee is responsible for developing strategies to recruit people to join ESC. Being a member of this committee means coordinating volunteers to host recruitment events as well as going to engineering classes and promoting ESC to other students. If you are outgoing and excited about ESC, contact Sarah at recruitment.akronesc@gmail.com



Led by the outreach coordinator, Elizabeth Scheatzle, the outreach committee is responsible for leading outreach and philanthropy events at local high schools and other areas outside of the college to promote engineers making a positive impact on the world around us. If you enjoy volunteering, please contact Lizzy at outreachco.akronesc@gmail.com