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Sarah Pratt

Sarah is a 5th year in aerospace systems engineering. She likes to hike and rides horses competitively in her spare time. This is her second year as a part of ESC and she currently leads the recruitment committee. As coordinator of recruitment she oversees/plans ideas and events to recruit members for ESC.

Charlotte Hyland

Charlotte is a 5th year mechanical engineering major. She also is a member of Tau Beta Pi and a Honors Delegate. This is her 2nd year in ESC and is the marketing coordinator.


Thomas Scheu

Thomas is a 4th year Mechanical engineering student. This is his 3rd year in ESC and he oversees the engagement committee.

Alexis Jordan

Alexis is a 4th year mechanical engineer major. This is her 2nd year in ESC and as freshmen council coordinator she assists the recruitment chair in recruiting freshmen. She also plans team bonding events for freshmen council and helps them plan and coordinate their own events.


Elizabeth Scheatzle

Lizzy is a 5th year Biomedical Engineering major. She is our Outreach coordinator and says if she were to be reincarnated as an animal, she would choose an otter.

Natalie Brooks

Natalie is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering major. She is the E-Week coordinator and loves how easily ESC provides the opportunity for members to step into leadership roles.

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Rosie Sterling

Rosie is a second year chemical engineering major. This is her second year in ESC and as financial coordinator she assist the treasurer and oversees all fundraising events for the council.

Aaron Hoffman

Aaron is a second year computer science major. He is also a member of the Akronauts design team and UA's marching band. This is his second year in ESC and oversees the communications committee.

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